Catfish exports to the Chinese market soared
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 This is a specialized seafood expo, is held annually, with Asia's largest scale ... The demand for seafood soaring imports causing many businesses to stop Vietnam on concern orders received insufficient supply of raw materials pair.

Unlike usual fairs in previous years, China is known as the seafood exports, on the other hand, this year, the exporter said it is becoming the largest seafood import. The reason is that fish production fishing, farming of this country were plunged all the way from 2015 to the present. Chinese importers wishing to buy items, such as shrimp, fish, squid ... originating from countries with farming and fishing as large as Aixelen, Ecuadua, Chile, India and Southeast Asian countries.
For the catfish, Chinese demand remains strong to cater for consumers buying holidays last year. According to the Association of Seafood Export and Vietnam, exports of fish into China continuously high growth since the beginning of 2016. In August and 9/2016, pangasius exports to this market peaked 30.9 million USD and 30 million USD.
By the end of the month 9/2016, the total value of fish exports to the Chinese market - Hong Kong reached 201.9 million, up 75.6% over the same period last year. After months of relentless growth, China has overtaken the EU import market becomes 2nd largest catfish of Vietnam. Topping the market is still the United States, with a total value reached 286.8 million, up 23.1% over the same period last year.
In fact, many Chinese importers also confirmed the purchase at the fair Qingdao is just beginning for the import of fishery products to serve the needs from October to the end of March 12/2016 next year. Not only Chinese buyers, importers from Europe, America, South America ... and to the fair and their sourcing needs are imported catfish to October 3/2017. Currently, importers are in demand to buy fish from 500gram to 2 kg categories.
Present at the fair last Qingdao, Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh, vice president of Association of Seafood Export and Vietnam (VASEP), General Director of Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company, said the information for that businesses have bought enough fish for export contracts until the end of 2016 is the need to review. Because through the fair shows, 5 fish import demand from China and many countries in the world just starts.
Particularly for the Chinese market, they have a real need, not speculation or anything purposeful. Therefore, one thing is for sure from now until quarter 1/2017, the amount of raw materials for export pangasius in Vietnam would lack serious import demand this period increased in most markets, particularly Asia is doubled.
"The yuan is devalued but catfish transaction price in China has increased by about 15% for bulk purchase orders, line up from month to month 3/2017 and 11/2016 China needs to increase imports more than doubled, suggesting that the market is a huge shortage of food, "said Ming analysis.
Referring to the company Hung Vuong, according to Mr. Minh, on the 2nd day of the trade fair has decided to discontinue these new customer orders, as the plant was running at full capacity. From now until Q4 Q1 next year, Hung Vuong and subsidiaries Agrifish signed export contracts worth over $ 180 million, doubling over the same period from 2014 to 2015 and also increased over the previous quarter.
"Unfavorable weather winter rainfall plus earlier this year to make fish grow slowly, which makes the production of raw materials faster deficit!" Said Ming information.
According Intellectual Youth / Cafef 7/11, Phuong Thao

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